Morning Assembly is where you can do just that. 

Spend more time with your first ministry (family) freedom.

Serve the Kingdom with the time money buys you freedom.

Multiple cash flowing assets freedom. 

Work as much or as little as you want freedom.

Put missionaries & ministers on payroll freedom.

Travel on a Tuesday with your entire family freedom.

Fund the causes God cares about freedom.

Go wherever and whenever God sends you freedom.

We're talking about
serious freedom. 

Freedom to earn and give as much as you desire.

If you are willing to labor to contribute to the harvest, then Morning Assembly is the right community for you. 

And if you want to build streams of income that don't always require your own personal brand, you're in the right place.

Because let’s be honest. Christians are being scrutinized and canceled for what we believe. And in this hour, it’s simply not enough to hide in the shadows, we have a Kingdom sized mission to fund.   
Morning Assembly is where Christian entrepreneurs and creatives go to build new streams of income with Kingdom purpose and wealth with honors.

If you operate a business — whether you’re just getting started, or have an established one — and you want to diversify and build new streams of income, this membership is for you. 

This means that the majority of Americans are often strapped for cash. When this happens, it limits your ability to give radically of your time and your money. 

Only 1.5 million people tithe out of the 247 million U.S. citizens identifying as Christians.

If every Christian tithed 10%, churches would have an extra $139B each year.

Imagine what we could do if we not only earned more, but we gave more? Our programs and events not only help you earn more, they help cultivate a heart for giving.

At Wealth with Honors, we are determined to change this. Our mission is to help 500 Christian entrepreneurs this year. And thousands more in the years to come. 


How? say hello to 

Think of it like a journey through the virtual Silk Road. Except instead of transporting goods to different places along the way, every virtual stop you make is a chance to build a new stream of income for you and your family, cultivate a heart for giving and radically fund the Kingdom of God.

Morning Assembly is a digital membership for Christian entrepreneurs and creatives.

Another way to think of it? Like a virtual marathon. Except instead of building endurance, you build multiple streams of income. The byproduct? Wealth for the Kingdom of God. An opportunity to fulfill the call to subdue the earth in our finances and businesses according to Genesis 1:28.


Join the membership and get platform  access instantly.  We can’t wait to meet you.


Discover what stream of income to start next, show up consistently and commit to the work. 

WALK the Path

Identify your stream, hire your team, build your systems and scale your marketing. Rinse, repeat. 


Coaching. Training. Templates. Systems. Playbooks. A beautiful community of Christians who have your back. This membership is like the on fire members-only club that brings it all home.

In Morning Assembly, we teach members how to grow what they earn, diversify their income, build a biblically wealthy life, cultivate a heart for giving, increase their cash flow and earn a ½ million dollars each year (or more) — with God. 

And you can do this with (or without) your own personal brand. It’s up to you. 

So, what happens inside the Morning Assembly membership?

Here’s your sneak peek behind the curtain

You’ll have your own dedicated training dashboard. Use our platform search bar and find keywords instantly. How? All of our video content is automatically transcribed and searchable. 

A vibrant community of Christian entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial minded believers. Ask questions or serve others with your expertise. This community exists for you. 

Kingdom Finance Clinic. Live weekly coaching on making, managing and mastering your finances.

The Fellowship Hall, twice a month. Want to meet other members in the community IRL? Join us for an hour of fellowship.

FB Ads Clinic. A twice a month workshop where you bring your ad challenges and get feedback from our eComm expert.

Access to The Morning Assembly Virtual Retreat. Trust me, it’ll be worth the wait.

5 Days to $5k. 5 days to commit to making $5k. We help you brainstorm ideas & you execute in community with other Kingdom entrepreneurs. 

The Thread. A monthly eComm Office Hours hosted in the comments section of the Morning Assembly community with our resident FB Ads Expert.

Kingdom Sales Clinic. A twice a month workshop to supercharge your sales with our master coaches. 

Tax Tactics. A monthly tax planning strategy calls with our resident financial advisor.

Detailed monthly cash flow playbooks with strategies & expert insight. Like: How to Start an Arbitrage Business, How to Buy Assisted Living Facilities or How to Build a Six Figure Franchise.

Earn incentives for posting in the community and supporting others. Every month we will honor a member and send you a special gift or reward you with 1:1 coaching. 

Tailored programming and coaching to meet you where you are.

The Harbor, every Thursday morning. Bring your business challenges and your burdens and let our team pray with you and for you. 

Start and grow an eCommerce brand with paid advertising. Learn how to find a product, build your website and market it to millions. 

Everything you need to know about how to find, negotiate and close your first business acquisition.

Master the Dare to Bloom philosophy and learn to navigate new beginnings with confidence, obedience, focus and an open heart.

A 3-week email course to help you design your workspace & work week for success.

Every month, we give you cash flowing ideas and a playbook to get started. Plus, conversations with people who’ve done it.

PLUS, you get access to all of our programs and playbooks to help you develop new streams of income that get you closer to your finance and giving goals:

Hidden Champions

acquisition pro

dare to bloom for entrepreneurs

master your remote business

kingdom cashflow

…including many other programs in the pipeline. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out.

buy the block

Quietly build a million dollar real estate portfolio with this blueprint to Multifamily Real Estate Mastery

In the first part of this workshop, we will dive into the 8 streams that will get you to at least $500k in income each year. In this workshop, you will learn how to choose income streams that work best for you. 

In the second part of this workshop, Zim will help you brainstorm your roadmap to 8 streams of income. In addition to that, she will help you identify new cash generating opportunities within each stream. Want to earn at least $15k each month? $50k? $100k? We've got a plan for that.  

Get this workshop for free when you choose the annual membership.

Here's What You'll Get

The River Roadmap Workshop

2-hour workshop with Zim


The Six Figure eCommerce Brand Workshop

Even better? You get the 6-Figure eCommerce Brand Workshop. It includes the exact roadmap that grew one of our eCommerce brands from 0 to $100k in 2 months!

The Master Delegator

It's a delegation system that helps you organize EVERYTHING you need to do & leaves no room for ambiguity.

This template, along with a comprehensive training hosted by Zim, is designed to streamline the delegation process for busy entrepreneurs. You can manage multiple businesses or numerous tasks within one business with ease.

So, are we a good fit?

You are a Christian entrepreneur or creative who wants to be in community with other business minded believers.

You desire to make an impact in the Kingdom of God with your time and your money. 

You love God, you’re easy to get along with and you’re coachable.

You are committed to your daily walk with God. 

You want to add 1-3 new streams of income over the next 18 months, and hit 8 streams of income within 3 years.

You’re ready to start hanging with successful Christian entrepreneurs who speak your language.

Should you join Morning Assembly? ​ Is this membership the right fit for you? We’re a special type of business and we’re looking for a special type of person.
Let’s dive in.

If you’re nodding your head, we want to meet you. Like, yesterday.

We believe that more cash flow means more impact.

And as a member, you’ll have unlimited access to our programs on buying small businesses, starting new eCommerce brands and acquiring real estate properties. 

We are constantly developing new signature programs and playbooks to help you build 1-3 new streams of income in the next 18 months.

We want to radically fund the Kingdom of God — through entrepreneurship. We know that not everyone will step foot into a church, but everyone will interact with a business.

And it’s time to use what we've got to get what we want: more souls for the Kingdom.

We believe that stronger Christian businesses are an essential part of the revival to come. God is raising up Kingdom financiers with a heart for serious impact.

Our Kingdom Mission

Why don't you have a $1M business yet?

You’re afraid to fail

You worry that if you invest your time and money and you don’t get the results that you want? You want to avoid failure completely.

You’ve been procrastinating

You’ve been wading in the what ifs for too long – analysis paralysis has got you in a tight grip. You need to commit to the process and focus on doing instead of avoiding.

You have no idea where to start

Choosing a new stream of revenue to start seems daunting and overwhelming. You want a tried and true plan of action. 

you're short on time

You’re busy and unfortunately, you don’t have the time to dedicate to starting something from the ground up. Or you’re spending way too much time working on growing your one main stream of income. 

You're lacking money

You have an abundance of time but you may be lacking in the dollar department. You need ideas that pack a punch and are friendly on your budget.

If any of these sound like you, I have good news for you: with the help and by the grace of God, you can create 8 or more streams of income.

The not-so-great news: if you don’t have at least 8 streams of income, you are operating at a disadvantage.

As we’ve seen with the pandemic, things can change quickly.

Multiple streams of income reduces your reliance on one source – and whatever may happen if that stream of income dries up. Because your income is spread out between multiple sources, you won’t be significantly impacted when one dries up.

Divide your portion to seven, or even to eight, for you do not know what misfortune may occur on earth.


We define a stream of income as a regular supply of money that comes from something, like an investment or business.

Each stream must earn at least $20,000 in income or revenue each year, or in the case of real estate, appreciate by at least $20,000 each year.

A stream of income can also save you $20,000 each year, like owning a farm that decreases your food bill.

At the end of 2021, 61% of the U.S. population was living paycheck to paycheck. You don’t need to be in that number. You can stop living paycheck to paycheck and use extra cash flow to fund the Kingdom of God. 

Multiple streams of income means that you earn money all the time. Day, night and every hour in between.

We can help.

Whatever is stopping you from building or buying new streams of income – fear, overwhelm, procrastination, lack of money, time, knowledge or community, Morning Assembly has what you need. 

Passive income that comes from having multiple streams reduces your working hours and frees up your schedule. It gives you more time for your family, more time for your church and more time for the Kingdom. 

There is a limit to how much you can save, but no limit to how much you can earn.

We're committed to your success.

Because, let's face it.

Kingdom Millionaires have multiple cash flowing streams of income. 

Abraham had at least seven different streams of income according to Genesis 24:35. That means seven or more different opportunities to provide for his family and build generational wealth. 



Kingdom Millionaires give radically. 

They have no problem giving because they know that they can never outgive God. Everything they give comes back ten or hundredfold. They are simply called to be good stewards of what God has given them. 


Kingdom Millionaires understand the place of money.

Like King Solomon who had it all, they understand that money is never to be exalted or despised. Money can be here today and gone tomorrow, so we cling to the eternal hope that is Christ Jesus.


When it comes to some of the wealthiest people in the Bible, we find the thread between Kingdom millionaires then and now.

Kingdom Millionaires don’t need to use their personal brands to make money.

They know that they don’t need to have their face on a business in order for it to be successful. They know that the persecution of the Church will only grow louder as time passes and have no problem doubling down on hidden businesses. 


Kingdom Millionaires know how to flow with God. 

If they don’t have peace, they don’t move forward. They understand the principles of timing, prayer, fasting, sacrifice and obedience. Whatever God has for them won’t pass them by if they are positioned properly. 

holy flow

Kingdom Millionaires have a place they go to be in the company of people they trust.

They hang with people who think as unconventionally as they do. Everyone needs a place where they can feel at home, network, get advice, brainstorm and find inspiration. 

wise counsel

— Sara stewart

“My goal for the challenge was $4k. God blessed me with $30k”


Tons of benefits.

Here’s how we help you build and buy new streams of income.

You get access to Zim Flores (Kingdom entrepreneur, investor, author, teacher), the Wealth with Honors team and special guests for a low monthly commitment. 

You’ll get access to all of our programs, systems, playbooks, worksheets, weekly programming and access to coaching sessions and expert coaches equipped to answer your questions for a fraction of what it would cost to hire them outright. 

Everything you need to run a Kingdom business is in Morning Assembly. You’ll join a community of believers who are passionate about business and Kingdom impact.

Don’t worry, you’re in good company. 

Another huge benefit: we’re pretty chill. Your membership is a month to month commitment. Though we recommend a minimum of 3 months, you can cancel with 14 days notice. 

One other thing. If you do end up canceling, you can only rejoin the membership again after 1 calendar year. We make this rule because we want you to not only be committed to the membership, but committed to your decision.

If you know the membership isn’t right for you right now, that’s ok. We look forward to seeing you in the next calendar year.  

Your people are already in Morning Assembly.

You know you’ve got options – it doesn’t start or end with Morning Assembly. There are associations, mentorships and courses for Christian entrepreneurs. 

But this is different.

We’re helping you build new streams of revenue so that you can do more for the Kingdom of God and for your family.

We’re serious about God and passionate about the global church. We like to think of our community as a digital sanctuary for believers called to business.

It’s where you go when your launch doesn’t go well and you need encouragement rooted in biblical truth. Or when you’re celebrating your first $10k month and want an audience of cheerleaders to back you up. Or when you need help figuring out how to hire your first employee. Or your first housekeeper.

You’re free to bring your challenges, your wins and everything in between. 

If these are the types of friends you’d want to surround yourself with, pack your bags and head inside. 

Your next idea.
Or prayer partner.
Or business partner. 


Where there is no guidance, the people fall, but in an abundance of counselors there is victory.

Proverbs 11:14 NASB 


At Wealth with Honors, we lead business trainings, group experiences and events for believers. 

We have one mission: To radically fund the Kingdom of God through entrepreneurship.

Morning Assembly does this by helping you build and buy new streams of income.

My company turns 3 months tomorrow, and I already feel like we have the experience and success of brands who have been around for a year.

I've started ventures in the past and made no revenue because I didn't know how to target anyone outside of family and friends.

Hidden Champions (one of our signature programs) taught me how to remain hidden behind the scenes and still make $10k in sales even though we started with zero followers, and didn't share with friends.

— Robyn-Ann

“We've made $10,000 in sales in three months.”

Wealth with Honors was founded by Zim Flores, a teacher, entrepreneur and investor. Zim started her first company Travel Noire, an award-winning travel company that she sold at the behest of God.

Today she and her husband have over 10 streams of income, many the general public don’t know about. 

This Forbes 30 under 30 awardee has been featured in the New York Times, TIME, CBS This Morning, ELLE, The Nation, Essence, NPR, among others and was awarded by Glamour Magazine as one of 25 Young Women Changing the World.

Before its third year in business, Travel Noire was named one of the Most Innovative Companies in the World by Fast Company. The following year, she was hand selected by Oprah for SuperSoul 100, a collection of inspired leaders using their voices and talents to elevate humanity.

Even still, nothing compares to the call of God to serve.

The Wealth with Honors team includes marketing and sales experts, intercessors & prayer warriors and master coaches who will whip your Kingdom businesses into shape.

The intimidation I had before starting was swept away in each lesson. It's truly a step-by-step, building block with SOLID foundation, filled with gold-nuggets and a plethora of knowledge. The ability to find a product, then build a hero hypothesis and prove this thesis has been invaluable to me. All the tools you need in your arsenal to start a legitimate profitable business are here, for life! 

Ola, Canada

Real results:


They connected me with partners that have become invaluable assets. The content in this program completely changed the direction of my business. The team helped me navigate challenges that have come up in my business with solutions that drive real, tangible results. I feel more equipped to scale my business from six to seven figures. Their advice was worth well over $50,000 — and that was just over one meal.

Juliette, Atlanta

Real results:


Ready to join?

Morning Assembly is currently closed.

We reopen membership periodically. Join the waitlist below to be the first to know once enrollment opens for the Morning Assembly, our dynamic community of Christian entrepreneurs.

Is Morning Assembly for Christians only?

Yes, Morning Assembly is designed for Christians. 

It’s a place where we can share the unique challenges we face in life and business. Without that distinct nuance, we risk becoming just like any other business membership.

Frequently asked questions

This is my first business. Will the membership be too advanced?

If you’re new to business, you’ll get a ton of value out of the Morning Assembly membership. Whether you’ve just started in business or you’re just shy of hitting your first $100k, Morning Assembly will help.
With our structured curriculum, you won’t be overwhelmed, rather, you’ll have a plan of action to move forward. And if you need help, hop into the community or shoot us an email and we’re at your service. 

I've been an entrepreneur for a long time, is Morning Assembly too beginner?

If you don’t yet have at least 8 streams of income, the membership won’t be too beginner for you. Our programming will help you get you to your income and giving goals. 

As an entrepreneur, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with other members who are at your level or higher, and you’ll learn from our master coaches.

You’ve been hammering the entrepreneurial wheel for a while now, and you know that it’s pretty daunting to do it alone. 

I want more personalized coaching. Is that an option?

Yes! you are able to sign up for a 1:1 session with a master coach for an additional fee.  They specialize in sales, funnel development, value-based financial plans and more. 

Every month, we highlight one member who has been a rockstar about posting questions and adding value in the community as well as completing programs. And we gift them complimentary 1:1s. Want in? Get active.

I live outside of the US. Can I join? 

Yes, the nature of our work is global and our programs can work anywhere in the world. 

Do you offer refunds?

We don’t offer refunds, however if you’re on a monthly plan you can cancel anytime—just give us 14 days notice.

Please note that once you cancel, you can only rejoin the membership again after 1 calendar year. 

What happens after I join Morning Assembly?

Once you join, we’ll send you an email with your login information as well as an invite to our community. If you are a monthly member, the programs and playbooks will be dripped to you weekly and monthly, respectively. If you join as an annual member, you get full access instantly.

I own a product / service/ digital product based business. Will this work for me? 

Whether you own a product-based, service-based, or digital product based business, we have programming designed for your success. Our playbooks, strategies & programs fall in all of these categories.  

Is there structure to the membership? Or are we expected to find our own way?

You’ll have structure, no doubt about it. 

To start, begin watching the Orientation for a better idea of what to expect out of Morning Assembly. 

Once Orientation is completed, your membership begins with Dare to Bloom for Entrepreneurs, a mini course with an entrepreneurial focus that helps you master the Dare to Bloom philosophy and navigate new beginnings with confidence & obedience, focus and an open heart.

Once Dare to Bloom for Entrepreneurs is completed, your access to Master Your Remote Business, our email course designed to help you set up your workspace & work week for success, will be unlocked.

After you complete these, it’s off to Hidden Champions to start a hidden eCommerce brand or Acquisition pro to buy an online business. The choice is yours.

Buy the Block is our newest program. It is a 6-Week Blueprint to Multifamily Real Estate Mastery teaching everyday entrepreneurs how to quietly build million dollar real estate portfolios.

If you need a quick cash injection, complete a few projects in The 5 Days to $5k Challenge.

Along the way, you’ll get access to monthly Kingdom Cashflow Playbooks. These will help you build or buy cash flowing assets while learning how to separate your time from your income.

Can I join with my spouse or business partner?

Yes, but each member will need their own membership. Because we serve each person individually, we want each member to get the best value out of Morning Assembly. 

I have more questions.

Please click the video at the corner of this screen and drop us a voice note or video and we’ll get back to you :)

Need to start a business without your personal brand?

Hidden Champions is for you.

Hidden Champions includes training videos, community, and new techniques to build more freedom, flexibility and impact into your life.

  • How to find your profitable niche AND product— including how to rapidly find paying customers. We will take you from "no idea at all" to your first paying customer in no time. Already got a biz? No worries, use this framework to reevaluate your business.
  • How to find customers that are excited to pay. Figure out how much to charge, how to create a winning product page, and handle difficult customers.
  • Begin at $1,000/month — or grow to $100,000+ / year. It's your prerogative. You get to choose how big and how fast you want to grow.
  • Advanced concepts like positioning, pricing, and the psychology of marketing. Build a sustainable business with real income.
  • Learn one of the highest ROI skills on the market. We'll teach you how to turn every $1 you spend into $5 you earn.
  • How to automate your business so it keeps earning you money — even when you're sleeping. You'll get a sneak peek into the systems I use.

Hidden Champions is two courses in one. It's a branding program and a paid ads program.

We teach you what to sell and who to sell to in the branding program. We then teach you how to find millions of these same people online in the paid ads program.

It's included
for only


How much could you earn with Hidden Champions?

Need to buy a profitable stream of income? 


Acquisition Pro includes training videos, community, and new techniques to buy your first online business. 

  • How to develop your own acquisition thesis — including how to take inventory of your own skills and create a game plan for the type of business you want to buy. We will take you from newbie to your first business acquisition in no time. 
  • How to find businesses and owners that are eager to sell. Learn how to build an automated flow of deals so that you can always easily spot sustainable businesses with real income.
  • Start with one business...then grow your empire. It's your prerogative. You get to choose how big and how fast you want to grow.
  • Learn little known financing & negotiation hacks to get the pricing and terms you want. Put as much or as little as you want down.
  • Learn one of the highest ROI skills on the market. We'll teach you how to negotiate with an expert negotiator who has closed seven figures in deals as a result of his negotiating framework.
  • How to automate your business so it keeps earning you money — even when you're sleeping. You'll get a sneak peek into the systems I use.

It's included
for only


Need to diversify into real estate or grow your portfolio?

Buy the block is for you.

Buy the Block is our newest program. It is a 6-Week Blueprint to Multifamily Real Estate Mastery teaching everyday entrepreneurs how to quietly build million dollar real estate portfolios.

  • The multifamily mindset. Learn the fundamentals of multifamily investing and the secret sauce to making wise investment decisions.
  • The art of property pursuit. Uncover the art of locating, analyzing, and selecting the perfect multifamily property.
  • Show me the money! Unravel the mystery of financing. Explore various funding options, loan types, and crucial tips to maximize your buying power and minimize risk.
  • Deal dynamics. Learn the tactics and strategies to confidently navigate offers, counteroffers, and close the deal. 
  • Profitable property management. Unveil the secrets of attracting and retaining tenants, managing cash flow, and maintaining your property to maximize profitability.
  • Scaling to success. Learn how to effectively grow your multifamily real estate portfolio. Discover the strategies for managing multiple properties, streamlining operations, and leveraging your investments to create long-term, sustainable wealth.

It's included
for only


These programs are all included in your membership!



real estate

Let's Do This Thing!


Ready to join?

Morning Assembly is currently closed.

We reopen membership periodically. Join the waitlist below to be the first to know once enrollment opens for the Morning Assembly, our dynamic community of Christian entrepreneurs.